Baby aiRmask – Sky Blue


Baby aiRmask – Sky Blue

$ 26

Water-resistant, reusable face masks for young ones.

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We heard you! Our new range of baby sizes are great for young ones when they absolutely need to venture out!

Like our adult-sized aiRmask, Baby aiRmask is a reusable cloth face mask which are premium, handmade and protective face wear that filters out contaminants in the air. Contaminants can come in many shapes and forms, be it carried via water droplets or tiny micro particles.

Compared to most other reusable masks, aiRmasks offer better protection by providing a snug fit (sizing guide);

  • The outer most layer of aiRmasks is nanotechnology treated Egyptian cotton, which repels water droplets that carry bacterias and viruses.
  • The second layer is made out of cotton muslin, comfortable on the skin, hypoallergenic like most cottons materials, and absorbent.
  • The inner most layer is also made out of cotton muslin, forming a pocket which allows for the use of PM2.5 filters (not included).

We recommend that you wash your aiRmasks regularly for hygiene. The nanotechnology (water-resistance) on the aiRmasks are good for multiple washes. Be sure to follow our aiRmask care guide.

Stay comfortable while adhering to the new norm. Buy your aiRmask today. Ships for free to most locations worldwide.