Frequently Asked Questions

Why is aiRmask effective?

Masks are important in the fight againt the spread of infection. The reason why disposable 3-ply masks work is that the outer layer is water repellant, effectively preventing  infected water droplets from being breathed in.

This is why in its most basic form, aiRmasks work. The nanotechnology infused outer layer essentially is water-resistant and will repel infected water droplets.

Why not just wear an anti-bacterial mask?

It is important to note that anti-bacterial masks are not effective against viruses. Viruses are not living organisms, whereas bacteria are.

A reusable cloth face mask like aiRmask is ideal protection from both disease-causing virus and bacteria.

When should we replace our aiRmask?

It is important to note that although reusable through repeated washes, the nanotechnology on aiRmasks which repels water will eventually wear out. When used as protection against infected droplets, this water repellant layer is important. 

Please do not use your aiRmasks anymore for protection against infected droplets when this water repellant layer has worn off.

Who should use aiRmasks?

The beauty of aiRmasks is that it is designed to be used by everyone. Coming in a variety of sizes, and with adjustable earloops along with adjustable noseclips, aiRmasks will fit most people, young or old.

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