Myriad Features

Other than being water-resistant, aiRmasks features many advantages which make it the reusable cloth face mask of choice.


Muslin, a type of cotton is used as the internal layer of aiRmasks. This material feels great on the skin, while being absorbent.


Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and has the bonus of being easy to clean. Hypoallergenic material can help to reduce congestion, sneezing and itching.

Made For You

Everyone’s face is different, airMasks come in various sizes. Adjustable toggle stoppers together with elastic ear loops will ensure a more comfortable fit around your face and ears.

Great Fit

Nose wire lets you easily adjust to the shape and size of your nose, creating a seal that most other reusable cloth face masks cannot provide.


Reusable cloth face masks should ideally have at least three layers: an inner layer made with absorbent material (e.g., cotton), an outer layer with water-resistant material (e.g., polyester), and a middle layer (made with absorbent or water-resistant material) to act as a filter.

aiRmasks’ 100% Egyptian cotton is treated with nanotechnology to create a water-resistant barrier which repels water droplets. The inner muslin layers have a tight weave, are absorbent and have traditionally been used as filters.

Safe Materials

Certain masks in the market use azo dyes to color their masks. Azo dyes are synthetic dyes that can be toxic and carcinogenic.

aiRmasks materials are certified to meet the human-ecological requirement standards, making it safe to come into direct contact with the skin.

A reusable cloth face mask needs to have water-resistance.

Other Applications

A pocket in the interior of aiRmasks allows you to add a PM2.5 filter for additional filtration.

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